About Our Company

In April, 2007, our company newly started as a member of the group company of Kurimoto from the capital increase of SATO TEKKO CO., LTD. (http://www.satotekko.co.jp/index-en) through KURIMOTO, LTD. (http://www.kurimoto.co.jp/worldwide/en/)
Our manufacturing capacity is up to 30,000 kN class of press machine and forging press, the actual delivery results are numerous in Japan and abroad and we are carrying out everything from design manufacturing to installation.

The corporate philosophy is
"to do manufacturing and contribute to human resource development and society."
We will focus on innovation based on the core technology we have cultivated so far, and we will aim for quality improvement, constant efforts, prompt response and constant customer-oriented product creation.

Yasufumi Tomitani
Representative Director, President